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About Reverse Image Search

Our website's reverse image search feature gives you three alternatives for conducting an image search. This powerful picture retrieval tool isn't restricted to a single method of operation. You can do it by following these steps:

  • Adding an Image URL
  • Adding a picture
  • Using keywords to search

How to reverse search an image using your phone and pc

The majority of the time, users are restricted from using some online services that can only be accessed via a desktop computer. With our reverse lookup tool, however, this is not the case. Searching by image on the phone works in the same way as searching by image on a computer. As a result, no matter which device you use to search, you will never run into compatibility issues with this program.

On a phone, you may do a reverse image search.

This utility is available on this website and can be used on any device. Any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet can be used to conduct a Google image search. Let's have a look at both of them:

Image Search on an Android Phone contrasted. an iPhone

Have you ever gotten a picture on your Android phone from a buddy and had no idea what it was about? Don't be concerned! You may also search by image on an Android smartphone, so you won't have any problems using our tool from your Android mobile.
The Google image search on iOS works in the same way as it does on an Android phone. On your iPhone, you can use Safari or any other browser to visit Google Image Search and get similar photographs in a matter of seconds.

Reverse image search by PC

Are you looking for the original source of a photograph you saw on the internet? In a matter of seconds, you can use Google to perform a reverse image search on your computer. This task can be completed on both Windows and Mac, so let's look at both:

Picture search on Desktop: Window vs Mac


On a desktop, a photo search is a simple process that allows you to upload images from your computer device and cloud storage. Simply open the browser on any PC with a Windows operating system. You can drag and drop the image onto this tool, which is the quickest method.

How can Mac users be discouraged when all of their devices are covered? Yes! The image search on a Mac device works similarly to a browser on a Mac device. This web-based tool is available to anyone in the world, regardless of what device they are using.


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