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This PageSpeed tool is designed to let you check any given website and see how properly it’s optimized for pace. To offer you actionable and useful insights, this tool is walking at the official Google PageSpeed API. Run the page pace check and use the recommendations and feedback to make your website even quicker. The internet site that you make must attract traffic by creating a website that has nicely formatted web content that grabs the attention of the site visitors. The visitors ought to now not have any problem in navigating for your website, so make your website in this sort of manner that it is straightforward to navigate throughout your internet site. If after doing the above-stated matters you continue to have excessive leap price you need to use this device to test your internet site's pace. The websites that load gradual are the worst websites and this can bring about a reduced wide variety of traffic to your website. The use of embedded videos on your internet site will make your website gradual and it'll take extra time to load. If your internet site is taking greater than 5 seconds to load then the visitors will not need to go to your internet site and they will visit some other internet site which loads speedy compared to your internet site.