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The Ping function index new content quickly and easily. Enter the website or the direct link to the latest blog post. Choose a category in order to better describe the nature of your website. Please click on the [Ping now. Sit down, take a look at this beautiful, free ping tool, and it is going to work just fine for you. 


The ping test is used to verify that the computer networks are connected in series. As a rule, the use of a computer and an Internet connection in order to test it out. It has the right to decide on the monitoring of a computer, Internet connection and latency between two computers that are connected. A Ping from the server to check the latency between the computer running the ping test and the server. 

Anyone with a computer knows how to do a ping test, with or without the use of tools. The pass command, a computer-controlled, ping command is the name of the website. The result indicates the number of milliseconds needed to exchange for a package of a website. The four results are displayed. 

Some Internet speed tests, ping a result when you establish a connection to the server. A good Internet speed test will try to establish a connection with up to 3 or 4 servers. Run an Internet speed test from the server to help with the shortest amount of time to do so. 

Ping Test 

The ping test is used to check the possibility to send the data to the computer on which you are trying to achieve. To use it, in order to solve the problem and check your answer. 

In Microsoft Windows, it is a test, ping the ping command. Just enter the IP address or the domain name of a specific host to connect to. 

We are turning to electronic communication and "ping" or to the "ping-". 

Both of these commands work. You have to ping a link that runs the Windows command line. 

Ping Test Results 

Microsoft, Windows, the return of four messages. To approve the size, in bytes, of time and time-to-live (TTL). - Life, or time to LIVE, that is, a number from 1 to 128. If the number returned is in the question, and 128, it means that the two computers are on the same network. LIVE shows, conversion between the network that was created in order to connect to the server. 

If the ping returns "request timed out", it means that the connection from the other computer may not be fixed. Another problem that can arise is the "Unknown, the host can not be resolved". Enter the recipient's name is spelled incorrectly or does not exist on the Internet. 

As an IT manager who controls a DOG, in a large organization, or a large call center configuration and wants to know the table of results at the same time. For a period of time, between 200 and 400 ms is considered to be the average time to time. With more than 400 ms is considered to be in poor weather, and not the 200-ms is based on the average of the time or the best time of the year. 

Ping-the time and the testing will become more and more important for the information society, with the advent of cloud computing. This is due to the large organizations that are using cloud computing, and don't want to ping latency. They don't want to close the connection immediately, as this is where the use of cloud computing. 

Today, the use of the ping test is growing in the Internet world. The administrator needs to carry out a ping test in order to find the server in the business category. For example, in a blog, you need to control the speed of the blog to connect to the blog for the server. Some of the web server, which serves the various categories of the web servers that host the web sites of these categories. I know that the Internet has grown a lot in the last ten years, and will continue to increase steadily in the future. Therefore, the NETWORK management will require the network to share the load. 

There are thousands of web servers that support the databases of a variety of local names, and IP addresses, in order to use the Internet. Only one or two of the servers are not capable of some of the internet's traffic. Log in to the site to which you would like to visit. The search engine reports, on the request of the closest web server which is the domain of the database and IP addresses (the closest to it, which means the webserver with the shortest ping time). This server will have access to the server, which is hosted at the IP address and then returns the information if the chain out of it. 

OnlinePing Website Tool 

If you are managing a website, please ping my website's search engine to see if a website is linked to all the search engines. Or, you can ping the backlines, together, in order to ensure that they are enabled and are connected. 

In order for the site to be able to be viewed on the Internet, you need a tool known as a ping, to a site. The ping of each server, which covers the site, a category, in order to see if the website is visible. Therefore, the net, search engines, web servers, require a tool, and a good and reliable service for free!!! 

Use it to log in to open up your web browser's settings and find the ping website tool. Also, copy-and-paste your web browser's address bar, and search. When the screen is opened, enter the URL of a website. Located below in the "Category", the default value is defined, and the "Other". Click on the drop-down arrow to view a list of categories. You can select a location in that category. Now, you are ready to start the ping, then click on the Ping now. 

Make sure that the tool is starting to ping all of the servers, and search engines that are connected to the website category. With thousands of servers scattered around the world, this is a couple of minutes away. If you are from a net web page with several web servers and the ping is successful, the post, "Thank you, ping seems to be in the list of results. 

Looking at the results, you can see that the website is going to be displayed, and you can log in over the internet.

thank you

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