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Keyword Density Checker

The tool, the keyword density, you can also use the lyrics, record and perform keyword density analysis. When you type in a URL, or copy-paste the content of, and any text field to enter the tool, it will be the total of the number of keywords that are found in the body of the web page. After all those words, it calculates the frequency/occurrence of combinations of words, a word combination, a two-word combinations, and the trees of the word of god. Keyword density is calculated on the basis of these figures. 

When to use this tool?

These keywords density controls, is a very useful tool when you have to: 

The research on the competition of the keywords. Archives of the most frequently used keywords and key phrases, by entering a URL, using the best performance of the competition. 

In order to check if your page is not optimized, and thus of the components as defined by Google's rules, that is, as in previous updates, the Panda is ready to prevent any low-quality content in the search engine index. Learn more about over-optimization / keyword stuffing here. 

Just to give a quick overview of the key words that are used in a particular page of the website.

How important is keyword density for SEO?

For the modern day search engines, your keyword density is not only a very minor factor when it comes to the ranking of the pages for certain keywords and keyword phrases. However, it is important to use keywords that are the focus of all the important elements of the page: title tag, Meta description, H1 -, body -, alt-tags, and internal links. Make sure that the search engines can understand the content. In addition, on-page optimization factors, such as backlinks and the anchor text will continue to play a vital role in the search engines when indexing and ranking of their websites.

What is the best / ideal keyword density?

The best of the density of the keywords that are the perfect of the length of the content, and ... the question is asked by many people, and, fortunately, the answer is no. There is no exact answer to this question, because it depends on the topic you are writing about. Some of the topics that is perfect for the long forms of content and a lot of related keywords, and synonyms. On the other hand, there are subjects, which one is better dealt with by a dense part of the contents, and a large, repeating the same keyword. The best advice on this topic, it is natural to write, and for the people, as a user, a computer, it is the follow-up. 

Search keyword Filters, To get a useful report on the keywords to use, this tool is run, the filters: 

The Title-tag, Meta-description and Meta-words of action, the square, the event outside of the stats, the set of keywords. Also deleted from the comments section, beginning with # are comments# it can be quite a common tag or id of the post to a WordPress theme. Finally, all the English language words have been removed.

What is keyword density?

Keyword density is a percentage that is calculated based on the number of times a word appears in your site's content is divided by the total number of words. The keyword density / keyword frequency, which is a strong indicator in order to identify the most important keywords and key phrases on a particular page of the website.

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