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Code to Text Ratio Checker

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The code to text ratio indicates the web page's actual text ratio. The text is the actual material written on the web page, while the code reflects the HTML code associated with each online page. The HTML code on a web page with a lot of graphics or backlinks can be extensive. Too much HTML code or text can cause the visitor's browser to take longer to load.

True, SEO specialists continue to debate issues and their relevance from the standpoint of search engines. The code to text conversion, on the other hand, is extremely important to the website. Because search engines rank web pages based on how well the text is validated, the website's content must also be relevant to the page header.

Check code to text ratio and page optimization


There are numerous actions you may take to improve your web page. However, with Smallseotools' quick Code to Text Ratio Checker tool, you won't forget to double-check the text-to-HTML ratio. After you've established a link between code and content, you'll need to:

  • Verify the HTML code.
  • Remove any code that isn't needed.
  • Remove a lot of empty space.
  • Excessive eyelashes should be avoided.
  • Remove the commendation
  • To format and design, use CSS.
  • Remove any pictures that aren't needed.
  • Only use JavaScript and Flash when absolutely required.
  • Keep your image size under 300 kb.
  • Remove any text that is concealed or obscured.
  • Use high-quality, easy-to-read plain text.

Extensive, non-extended content is more efficient, according to all experienced webmasters and SEO specialists. It is preferable to have short pages with minimum HTML code and valid content. 

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